Scotch Aficionado

The world of Single Malt Scotch Whiskeys is rich indeed. With 6 regions and 107 active distilleries, the choices can become overwhelming. How do you find the perfect drink?

Allow us to offer an enjoyable, engaging way to become a Scotch Aficionado. Introducing the aptly named Scotch Aficionado app, which:

  • Lets you record each of the tastings and your impressions of new single malts (or re-introduction to malts you have tried before)
  • Learns your taste preferences, to predict which single malt you would like (or not like), and
  • Most importantly, guides you through a journey of exploring the various single malts, so you learn the nuances of various distilleries and regions.
The journey and experience are uniquely tailored to you. No more blind reliance on bartenders or other experts. The goal is to turn YOU into an Aficionado.

This app is for patrons who drink responsibly. Enjoy your drink!

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If you have any questions, please send an email to aficionado at loudnoiseinc dot com .