Tutorials: How to use Scotch Aficionado

Scotch Aficionado guides you through the entire range of tastes associated with Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

When you launch the app, you see the dashboard. Take a look at this short (<1 min) tutorial to know what the dashboard looks like.

To obtain recommendations, tap on "Recommend" - see another short tutorial on how that works.

If you cannot find a recommended scotch, or you wish to add scotches you have tried in the past, try the "Taste" button - here's another short tutorial about it.

Music: Music: "Drunker Fisherman Sings in the Evening" by Jim Binkley. Album: "Blue Mountain Night Rain" (2013). Used with permission.

As you taste more scotches, your rank improves. Beyond first level, you need to upload images to prove that you are indeed tasting the scotch - take a picture of the scotch you taste. Try to have the bottle's entire label visible.

Scotch Aficionado does not deal with blends, or non-Scottish Whiskies. You are welcome to add them during tasting but you will not receive points for them.

The "History" button is self-explanatory.

Enjoy! Please drink responsibly.