Scotch Aficionado - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the app tell me which scotch will I enjoy?┬áThe short answer is Yes. The long answer is: As you enter more scotch tastings, the app learns about your preferences, improving the recommendations it can generate for you.
  • But I only like Speyside (or insert your favorite region here). You are missing out on the wide variety of scotches available. The diversity, even within the same region, is striking. The app guides you towards discovering the range. But if you want to try something you know you will like, you can always use the "Safe" mode.
  • What is Safe Mode? Once the app has had a chance to learn your palate, it can start pointing out scotches similar to the ones you have ranked highly. Everytime you rate a scotch, the app recalculates these recommendations, taking into account how you may start enjoying some scotches you didn't like before.
  • What about (any scotch that's missing from SA)? Scotch Aficionado is focused only on Single Malt Whisky from Scotland. This rules out any
    • Grain Whiskies
    • Blends
    • Non-Scottish scotches
    • Any distilleries that are closed, even if the scotches are available
    We may add these in the future, but as you start expanding your palate, the 105 distilleries we cover should give you plenty of choices. Once you do become an Aficionado, you can add them yourself!
  • Why does the app need to know my location? There are two specific scenarios where your location is used by the app.
    • To create recommendations that are relevant to the country you are in, we compare your location to other patrons' locations and tune our suggestions accordingly. This saves you the hassle of trying to find a scotch that may not be available in the market you are in.
    • If you taste a scotch at a public place, like a bar for example, other visitors to the same bar can benefit from knowing which scotches are available (and potentially, popular) at these places. This also serves as a reminder for you the next time you are at the same bar.
    The location being collected is a wide region, so it does not invade on your privacy in any way.
  • Are you affiliated with a particular brand or distillery? Or, will I only receive recommendations from a specific set of distilleries? Scotch Aficionado is not affiliated with any distillery or brand. The goal is to cover all regions and tastes offered, so the app remembers what you have tried already and suggests single malts that will introduce you to areas you haven't tried yet.

More questions? Send a note to aficionado at loudnoiseinc dot com.