How to enjoy Single Malts

There is no wrong way to enjoy Single Malts.

Having said that, may we make a few suggestions?

  • Get to know your whisky. Take your time to discover the aroma, observe the color and notice if the scotch changes its taste by adding water. A nosing glass works nicely for enjoying the aromas.
  • Taste is personal, so make adjustments based on your experience. Too strong or peaty? Add a little water. Too light? Try it neat, and keep your palate clean. Don't be surprised if you discover another "true love"!
  • Take small sips and stay hydrated. Adding ice to your scotch, or having it as part of a cocktail, can hinder your ability to get to know the scotch. A commonly recommended way of staying hydrated, without excessively diluting your drink, is to have a glass of water separately from the scotch. This lets you have best of both worlds.
  • Above all, use the "Explore" Recommendations provided by Scotch Aficionado. Only by exploring the entire range of tastes will you truly know which scotches you like most. As a wise soul said, "Variety is spice of life."

We are glad you decided to chart your journey through the wonderful world of Single Malts using Scotch Aficionado!

This app, and journey, is for people who drink to enjoy, not to get drunk. Please enjoy responsibly.