Loud Noise Design Tenets

Loud Noise (LNI) applications are based on the following design tenets. Some of these are buzzwords, unfortunately, so here is an attempt to clarify what LNI means by each of them.

Intuitively Intelligent: If a device has the capability to perform a function, and the user understands that the function would be useful, the app should enable that function. For example, if your phone knows that you have entered a store where you shop often, it should show you the deals that are relevant to you. This is Intuitive because you would expect the phone to know where you are and "do its job". This is Intelligent because the "deals" shown to you should be relevant to you, based on what the phone/app has learnt about you.

Edge Computing: You get the latest & greatest gadget from your favorite device-maker, and each interaction makes you wait till the data is uploaded to the "cloud", analyzed and sent back to the device. While content-based applications cannot avoid such an architecture, LNI applications offload as much of analysis on the device as possible.

Mobile-exclusive Design: The industry is moving from web-only to hybrid (web & mobile) design model. For a company started in 2015, there is no excuse to not go mobile-exclusive.

Privacy First: See the privacy policy page.

Infinite Scale: When the above design tenets are combined, one of the advantages is that literally, sky is the limit. Regardless of the number of users, there should be no impact to either the quality of insight (which should continue improving) or the interactive nature of the app (which should remain constant).

Your thoughts are welcome!